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SAP- Intelligent Chatbots

SAP- Intelligent Chatbots: Readymade and customised chatbots

How chatbots are useful to organisations?

The chatbot market is growing rapidly, it will reach more than $10 billion by 2025. Companies all over the world are developing various types of chatbots that mostly intend to help businesses to control customer service efforts and costs. A “big market pie”, motivates companies to develop new solutions like intelligent chatbots integrated with SAP processes (e.g., Chatbots for SAP certified SAP SRM add-on “SRM Easy Help” to run SAP SRM processes, Chatbots for SAP Ariba processes etc).
ValueWeaver has capability to provide readymade chatbots or to develop customised chatbots for our clients. There are different types of chatbots, what these are used for, and which ones could have the biggest value to your organisation.

What are the business benefits of Chatbots?
Artificial intelligence for conversation, can reap many benefits for organisations.
  • Convenience- easy way to retrieve information/ relevant data without passing through the layers of navigation
  • Intuitive- Chatbots can be used by anyone without training which reduces the burden on organisations
  • Easy analysis- It exposes the areas where support is shallow or where people require additional support
  • Cross cultural- Chatbots can easily adopt standard support processes across cultures to respond to questions
  • Across time zones support- 24x7 support can be easily achieved using chatbots

What makes us UNIQUE?

Rule-based chatbots- How do they work?

Rule-based or Keywords chatbots became very popular where chatbots allowed businesses to perform automated customer support to save effort while providing improved customer experience.Such types of chatbots are used for answering FAQ or simple questions, for example, when it comes to buying tickets for a show, booking a table in your favourite restaurant or using any online delivery services.These chatbots are guided by a decision tree or flow chart, the customer is given a set of predefined options that lead to the desired answer.
Often, these chatbots are based on keyword rules, reacting on specific words but these are limited to user errors and typos and have a risk of providing wrong or no answers, causing very frustrating customer experiences. Many times, these chatbots may go into loops if designed incorrectly therefore have limited use cases.

AI chatbots or Intelligent chatbots

AI chatbots, on the other hand, use natural language processing (NLP) technologies to understand the intent behind the question and solve the customer’s problem without any human assistance. The biggest difference with the rule-based chatbot is the usage of the machine learning models that significantly increases the functionality of the bot as it is able to identify hundreds of different questions written by a human.

A customer can ask the bot a question by writing it in the same way as if asking a human agent. The bot uses a text classifier to identify the intent and understand the meaning behind the question. The next step involves creating a sequence of additional questions and answers using the dialogue tree that helps to specify the exact issue the customer wants solved and the way it will be done. Besides that, API integration with the back end systems allows the bot to really perform the task for the customer, instead of just providing a link to self-service instructions. NLP models help an AI chatbot to identify hundreds of different questions making it very useful, as it is able to serve thousands of customers automatically and perform complicated tasks on its own.

We at Value Weaver have been helping our clients to increase their staff productivity, reduce their cost of ownership. We have extended our skills working with AI chatbots which can integrate with your current SAP or Ariba systems. We have readymade chatbots for SAP SRM and SAP Ariba.
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We have SAP SRM add-on product “SRM Easy Help” which provides out of the box features for automation and presents use cases which are further developed into useful AI chatbots to provide quick value to our customers. At simple level we can just show shopping cart status but on other side we can do analytics or system configuration changes based on simple chatbot commands.
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Readymade chatbots are available for SAP Ariba to perform many activities. E.g. creating purchase requisitions in Ariba, approving PRs, checking status of a PR etc. Similarly, chatbots can be integrated with Ariba upstream to perform activities.
Make your organisation more efficient by using chatbots.Chatbots are not at all expensive and provide immediate business benefits.
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