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SAP SRM Easy Help

SRM Easy Help - Active and Smart add-on for SAP SRM

What is SAP SRM Easy Help solution?

“SRM Easy Help” is SAP certified add-on for SAP SRM.It’s our knowledge extract of last 25 years. It provides circa 70+ new innovative features well integrated with SAP SRM.


The add-on is beneficial for customers who want to derive more value from their SAP SRM estate and bring down SRM support costs.
“SRM Easy Help” also empowers business users or purchasing help desks to do many activities themselves without being dependent on IT support teams. Add-on can support both on-premise and on-cloud deployment of SAP SRM.

What are business benefits of SRM Easy Help?

“SRM Easy Help” add-on assists business to extract more value from SAP SRM systems. Business can expect following benefits which are realised in short deployment cycle.

  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Reduced SAP SRM support costs
  • Detailed analytics for master & transactional data
  • More business control independent of IT teams
  • Extend SAP SRM life (saving on switching to another product)
  • Enhanced service delivery through SAP SRM
  • Aligned IT and business strategy

What makes us UNIQUE?

More operational efficiency & innovations for SAP SRM

Using SAP certified SAP SRM add-on solution “SAP SRM Easy Help”, you can extract better value from your SAP SRM solution landscape. Check more, how it can be done,

“SAP SRM Easy Help”add-on supports business end users &application support staff to achieve better efficiency. Add-on provides them many ready to use tools to resolve operational issuesand leverage automation (RPA) to save efforts on monotonous activities.
In addition, detailed analytics and business controls are embedded into add-on for faster customer service with less effort. With the help of 70+ new features, add-on can help in saving support cost with better customer service and service delivery.
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“SAP SRM Easy Help” is the knowledge extract of our SRM experience of 25+ years. For SAP SRM operational support, many use cases have been identified for automation to reduce effort while achieving better service delivery.
Operational changes coming as “Service Requests” for SAP SRM, keeps support teams busy. Using “SRM Easy Help”, support staff can utilise automation to release support pressure besides this cost & efforts savings and quick turn around time for customer service requests can be easily achieved.
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“SRM Easy Help” add-on assists in automating end user processes. It helps in achieving better staff efficiencies, increases throughput and frees the staff from mundane tasks.
It supports remote sites where connectivity is a challenge and saves their efforts by achieving better efficiency levels. The value pillars which SAP SRM Easy Help focuses, are automation, analytics, and business controls.
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Easy to deploy add-on solution “SAP SRM Easy Help” comes as a complete package for quick plug and play with SAP SRM, check following details to make “SRM Easy Help” your obvious choice and to make your SAP SRM “Active and Smart”:
• SAP certified product developed by SAP partner company “Value Weaver”
• An easy deployable package seamlessly integrating into SAP’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution landscape
• ABAP add-on (bolt-on) solution for SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) which does not require any additional infrastructure
• No separate database requirements and provides SAP GUI look and feel for easy adoption
• Comes with tested business scenarios & test cases for easy business adoption
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