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ValueABLE- Globally acredited certification programs

When it comes to creating value for an organisation, end to end processes need to be analysed. Also, non-value adding steps or process wastage need to be identified and eliminated. This methodology is called “Lean” and at ValueWeaver we identify such “ValueABLE” techniques and methodologies to help organisations achieve greater heights to get customer satisfaction in return.
Under “ValueABLE” umbrella of services, we help organisations to prepare skilled and professionally trained staff which can help in creating competitive value chain. On the other side, we help professionals to get more employable by attaining latest skills which are required by organisations.
“ValueABLE” helps in creating value in following way:
  • Enhancing workforce skills which includes professional courses, technical training and ramping staff on digital knowledge
  • Improving employability of individuals thus help organisations by creating environment to find trained staff easily
  • Improving job security for individuals by upskilling
  • Strengthen the organisation by reskilling employed staff
  • Introducing new technology to organisations through people for global roles and expansion
  • Play a vital role in achieving global objectives like sustainability and overall global competitiveness

What makes us UNIQUE?

How Lean can help organisations?

Lean is the methodology to identify non value adding areas/ steps quiet easily in a systematic way. This process helps organisations to focus on it’s customers and defining “Value” for them which changes the mindset of organisation to think like their customers and thus identifying non-value adding activities for faster value creation. The methodology has been proven across industries in all lines of business. Its very helpful for organisations.

Business benefits are tremendous, firstly it changes the mindset of trained staff to define the true value for its identified customers and market segments.
Once the mindset is changed, it helps with the right processes and tools to analyse the current processes.
Lean organisations are more customer focused, responsive to changed needs, flexible to technological upgrades and easily survive in market fluctuations because they know their customers and always keep in mind their customer changing requirements.
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