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ValueOps An Integrated Cloud & DevOps Managed Services

Value Weaver has a marquee offering which we call as “Value-Ops”. It is an All-Ops platform which enables our clients to focus on the high-value activities of their Application Development, Cloud & Digital Transformation initiatives and leave the Operations Intelligence and Operations management to Value Weaver Consulting (VWC) team.

ValueOps business benefits
With our ValueOps platform, business can expect following quick benefits
  • 15-40% Cloud Cost Optimisation
  • 80% more compliance adherence
  • Continuous Cloud Security – not a design afterthought
  • 60+ Tool integration readymade- Github, Jira, Jenkins, SonarQube etc.
  • 650+ Built-in KPI framework
  • Less time to market means better customer service
  • Faster agile environment- more throughput & less hassles

What makes us UNIQUE?

DevOps/ DevSecOps as a Service

The Applications and IT Ops teams at our clients then focus on rapid core application development and leave the automation, deployment, security, optimization and governance on VWC’s Value-Ops Team. Value-Ops is the new Integrated DevOps and includes DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, ComplianceOps, FinOps, TestOps, DataOps and AIOps.

We provide managed services for your Hybrid as well as Multi-Cloud Environments. These involve fully orchestrated IT operations on the cloud. SLAs in minutes. Multi cloud interoperable business applications and global adaptive business.
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ValueOps helps build software on Modern Architecture. Better architecture will help in achieving scalability/ capability development to deliver against growing demand within the auditable, secure and compliant environment.
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Value Weaver’s Value-Ops Platform helps in agility and scalability on the Cloud using the Cloud Migration and Modernization Services. Migration services provides smooth, efficient, hassle free transition to cloud with modernised architecture.
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Value-Ops covers the security and compliance aspect of Cloud by providing continuous security and compliance on Cloud. Value-Ops automates compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, SOX, and many more. Security or compliance cannot be just design afterthoughts, clients need to be covered with full protection.
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Through Value-Ops AI recommendation engine, the platform helps with continuous cost and workload optimization and also continuously monitors the infrastructure availability, Application Performance and Architecture Best Practices. Over or under cloud resource provisioning may not be cost efficient as in both scenarios have associated costs & risks.
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